#3 - La Carmina ♥~

Hello Everyone!

New art is coming. My model is the beautiful La Carmina.

I saw her - for the first time - in DNR's video: Rock Princess. I loved her style and I found her magical. So I checked her blog. I didn't regret it.

But who is La Carmina? If you open her Twitter page, you will find this:

GOTHIC LOLITA PUNK † HARAJUKU CUTE † Travel & pop culture TV host. Tokyo Japan Goth fashion blogger, alt style blog. Author. Huff Post journalist. Pirate ARR!

Yes! All in one. And I think it is cute isn't it? 

I think you won't regret if you follow her on Twitter, or like her Official Facebook Page.

Twitter (click on the photo)

She has very amazing photos ;) If you want to see more then cLiCk ♥

You've already read, that she is a blogger. And you have to know she is a really good blogger. You can read her blog here: http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/ 
I love it, and I'm sure you will adore it too  *yeahh*

One more thing I want to share with you about her: She has an Official YouTube Channel. If you want to see videos about her adventures, you can subscribe HERE. 

Finally, I want to share my favourite La Carmina picture with you. I think it is exciting and adorable. I love it. ^^

Okay, this was Mina for the third time ;) Thank you readers, please leave a comment and if you like my page, share it with your friends. ♥
Love You


P.S. Mina is available on DeviantArt ;) Ready, Steady, CHECK ;) ♥


#2 - Emily Lazar September Mourning

Hello Again!

I have something for you. Something incredible to check. ;) *drumbeat* EMILY LAZAR *yippee*

September Mourning is the creation of a universe. It is not a band, it is a story... a fantasy with a musical element intertwined within its world. The story follows a girl named September with a split soul. Able to walk in the world of the living and the world of the dead, September has the ability to harness Death and use it to change the fate of others.
Created by M Lazar and Marc Silvestri/ Top Cow Comics, the project was previewed on stages with the legendary Marilyn Manson, only months after its inception. Performances with The Birthday Massacre, I Am Ghost, Hanzel Und Gretyl, and Dommin followed as well as radio play across the country. This year at Comic Con in San Diego, SM announced a partnership with MTV that will further the development of the character and the world in which she dwells. In the overpopulated music scene of today, September Mourning stands alone in its originality. Come, join the world of September and the Children of Fate.

You have to check her. Why?
  • Amazing voice
  • Super cool dresses
  • Breathtaking videos 
  • Amazing lyrics

How can you contact her? 
You can follow her on Instagram : http://instagram.com/iamemilylazar
She has an Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/septembermourning 

And what is more? ;) http://www.twitter.com/iamemilylazar

If you want to listen "Before the Fall" 
Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/theseptembermourning

And listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbDdn7CJ6m0

After listening the song, we can accept that September Mourning is amazing ;) 

That was all for now, if you didn't read my first post about the Swedish band The Arekusandaa Project, then read it ;) You can find it in the archive. I hope you had a very happy Easter day. 

Stay strong, add a comment and share if you liked it ;) 

Your M.


#1 - Arekusandaa and The Arekusandaa Project /TAP/

Hello Girls and Guys (or Guys&Girls) !

This is my first blog entry.. I'm excited.
In this blog I want to share my drawings with you, and I will give some general information about the person, who is in the picture.
I'm not so perfect in English, so please correct me, if I'm wrong.

The first drawing is about a boy. This boy is very kind and I love him very much. He is Arekusandaa.

He is the guitarist of The Arekusandaa Project. The TAP is a Swedish visual metal/rock -band.
You can check their videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArekusandaaProject
They also have an Official Facebook and an Official Twitter:

Follow them, you won't regret it ;)

The Arekusandaa Project has 4 very talented members:
Sasa (vocals)
K (bass)
Arekusandaa (guitar)
Fredrik (drums)

Check them on Twitter and Facebook ;)

Areksu also have a solo-YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/ArekusandaaOfficial

On February I won a contest which was organized by them, and I got a very nice gift . Thank you so much :)

This was Minaa for the first time, and I just want to say, I will make a drawing for all the members soon or later. :)